Celebrate Raw Feeding Week with Kibble in the Raw!

Celebrate Raw Feeding Week with Kibble in the Raw! Celebrate Raw Feeding Week with Kibble in the Raw!
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Celebrate Raw Feeding Week in a brand new way with our new Kibble in the Raw! As pioneers in championing the benefits of raw nutrition, we approach every week as if it were Raw Feeding Week! That’s why we created a revolutionary kibble that makes raw nutrition more accessible without sacrificing the scoop-and-serve convenience of kibble. Kibble in the Raw is nutrition and convenience in perfect harmony.

How It’s Different: Our Product Story

Unlike traditional kibble, where important nutrients are stripped away during the high-heat extrusion process that prioritizes speed and volume, Kibble in the Raw takes a more careful and staged approach. Production of Kibble in the Raw involves carefully crafting each recipe using the highest quality ingredients before undergoing cold-press and freeze-drying processes that maximize nutrient preservation. This meticulous process ensures that your pup receives the full spectrum of nutrients necessary to thrive.

How It’s Different: Our Ingredient Story:

  • Raw Protein – 100% freeze-dried raw meat, fish, or poultry – nearly 13 lbs of raw protein in every 9 lb bag.
  • Air Dried Produce – We only use USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables to provide whole food nutrition.
  • Steam Cooked Sorghum – Non-GMO, gluten-free, and highly sustainable. It’s a great source of micronutrients and soluble fiber for dogs.
  • Cold Pressed Oils – Salmon oil and cod liver oil to provide healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

How It’s Different: Our Manufacturing Story  

Cold Pressed: Instead of using the traditional extrusion process, which applies high heat that may degrade nutrients to shape traditional kibble, our cold pressing method operates at low temperatures. This approach maximizes nutrient retention, ensuring that your pet receives the full benefits of each ingredient.

Freeze-Dried: After cold pressing, we take those nutrient-rich bites and freeze dry them to preserve their nutritional integrity. This allows us to maintain as much of the original nutritional content as possible.

The Raw Pet Food Pioneer / Meet Our Founder

Without our founder, Matt Koss, there likely wouldn’t be a Raw Feeding Week! Matt was inspired to create Primal Pet Foods after seeing the incredible results of feeding his dog Luna a more biologically appropriate diet. Today, we remain steadfast in his mission to nourish our pets' primal, ancestral needs, and Kibble in the Raw represents the next evolution in that journey, making raw nutrition more accessible for pets everywhere.

Find Kibble in the Raw Near You 

With Kibble in the Raw, you can serve like kibble, nourish like raw, and provide your pet with the nutrition they truly need to thrive. Find it at your neighborhood pet store to celebrate Raw Feeding Week and keep your pup in their prime.