Baby Steps to a Fresh Start:
5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Diet in 2020

Baby Steps to a Fresh Start:5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Diet in 2020 Baby Steps to a Fresh Start:5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Diet in 2020
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The new year is upon us, which is a great time to make a fresh start—for you and your pet’s mealtime. If you’re ready to dive right in, sign up for the Primal Fresh Start initiative to guide you toward building a better bowl for your pet in 2020.

If you need a little help getting started on building a better bowl for your pet, we are thrilled to be a part of that transformation. Are your pets currently receiving all necessary nutrients? Are they satisfied with their meals, and is their stomach pleased with what they’re taking in? If you’re unsure, then now is the perfect time to figure it all out. We’ve put together 5 easy tips to help you kick off 2020 by evaluating and improving your companion’s diet:

Use the Primal Bowl Builder.

At Primal, it’s our mission to make high-quality, biologically-appropriate nutrition available to all pet owners. Our Bowl Builder puts all of your feeding options in one place, including a variety of balanced formulas and a wide range of Primal whole food supplements. Simply select your current feeding routine, then let the Bowl Builder walk you through the process of making tweaks and additions to your pet’s meal until you find something that fits your pet’s unique dietary needs.

Whether you’re currently feeding raw, kibble, or canned food—or a mixture—the Bowl Builder can direct you to the perfect starting point. If you’re worried about being overwhelmed by a new diet for your dog or cat, then these simple and straightforward additions will set your mind at ease.

Start by adding hydration.

Dogs and cats should get the majority of their hydration from their food, especially considering how ineffective they are at lapping water up from a dish. However, most standard pet food, especially dry kibbles, have little to no moisture to offer your pet. So, if you’re looking for an easy and beneficial addition to your pet’s diet, both Primal Bone Broth and Primal Goat Milk can add nutrient-dense hydration to even the driest dinner dishes.

What’s more, our bone broth and goat milk promote your pet’s joint health, as well as help soothe and prevent any digestive discomfort during a food transition.

Add whole food nutrition.

All the best biologically-appropriate diets are fueled by quality animal proteins. At the same time, the right combinations of whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are ingredients with a purpose—elevating every mealtime from a fill-up to a power-up! Primal’s Edible Elixirs are carefully-crafted whole food supplements that each bring a distinct “boost” to your pet’s bowl: joint health, digestive health, or immune support.

So, if you’re looking to bring specific, preventative additions to your pet’s diet, then browsing through our three elixirs to find a tailored solution for your pet is an easy place to start. Primal currently offers Winter Squash Pureé, Immune Support Smoothie, and Omega Mussel Mélange.

Upgrade your current kibble or canned food with our most convenient raw formulas.

If you’re hoping to fully replace your pet’s current kibble or canned food with a raw-based, biologically-appropriate diet, then there are quick and simple solutions available to you as well. Primal’s Pronto formulas, for example, come packaged in a quick-thaw, scoop-and-serve format that takes the stress and pre-planning out of feeding raw. On top of that, Primal’s Freeze-Dried formulas are completely shelf-stable and can be fully prepared in just a few minutes.

Sign up for Primal’s 2020 Fresh Start Initiative.

Whether your fresh start means making just a few small changes to your pet’s bowl, or completely reworking their feeding routine, Primal is here to help guide you through the process. Sign up for our 2020 Fresh Start Initiative to gain access to more handy tips, important reminders, and exclusive coupons! Then, search for a Primal retailer near you to chat with a pet food expert in person!