Building a Better Bowl for Abel:
Primal’s Approach to a Picky Eater with Joint Issues

Building a Better Bowl for Abel: Primal’s Approach to a Picky Eater with Joint Issues Building a Better Bowl for Abel: Primal’s Approach to a Picky Eater with Joint Issues
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A diverse, biologically-appropriate diet plays an important part of any pet’s nutrition. When a dog or cat is encountering certain issues related to their age or lifestyle, such as joint discomfort, digestive complications, or low immunity, a diet rich in whole foods becomes even more important to helping them live their best lives. But, not all dogs will gobble up any new food presented to them, and some of them are downright picky!

Abel is one of these picky dogs who needs his nutrients, and it’s possible he’s a lot like your dog. Adding certain supplements to his meals, or changing up his base formula altogether, could provide major improvements to the flavor and nutrition profile of his daily diet. Read on for a working example of how Primal can help build the best bowl for Abel:

Who is Abel?



Abel is a 5-year-old husky mix. Abel has had issues with his joints since he was a puppy. Regardless, he has always been full of happy energy and a positive attitude. Lately, though, Abel has been slowing down some and exhibiting more outward symptoms of discomfort and lethargy, especially after a round of frisbee in the park.

Abel gets very excited for mealtime, but he is also a noticeably picky eater. Abel approaches most new foods with caution, and his first impressions of certain foods are very important.

What is Abel’s current diet?


Abel eats a mix of dry kibble and Primal Freeze-Dried, typically beef or chicken flavors.

How could a change in diet help?


Abel’s daily diet is very low in moisture. Dehydration can result in increased joint stiffness, loss of appetite, and general lethargy, all of which can be exacerbated by a dog’s age and levels of exercise.

On top of that, Abel’s meals aren’t currently providing any specific support for his joint discomfort, which can be directly related to diet. An introduction of biologically-appropriate foods rich in moisture with strong, diverse flavors could help enhance his health and expand his palate.

What would Abel’s better bowl look like?


To Build a Better Bowl™ for Abel, we would start with our Omega Mussel Mélange, an Edible Elixir powered by the fatty acids of mussels, the collagen of bone broth, and the micronutrients of organic turmeric and apple cider vinegar. It can provide a serious boost to your pet’s skeletal system and be easily fed as a snack, or added on top of any current base formula. Adding a splash of Bone Broth will provide another boost of joint health to Abel’s bowl.

Replacing a portion of Abel’s base kibble could further elevate his diet to something that is not only satisfying his appetite, but also high in moisture and antioxidants to support those joints. Primal Pronto formulas resemble kibble in their size and shape, which can make for an easier transition for picky eaters. It is also available in 6 different proteins (including chicken and beef!), making it easy to find a formula that Abel will like. Conveniently enough, Pronto is also one of the quickest and easiest raw feeding methods around with a quick-thaw, scoop-and-serve preparation format that takes just minutes.

Want to discover a better bowl for your pet? Get started with the Primal Bowl Builder!