Building a Better Bowl for Bean

Building a Better Bowl for Bean Building a Better Bowl for Bean
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Like most cats, Bean is a picky eater, and he is known to sometimes have a sensitive stomach. He also can get the occasional surprise hairball—much to his owner’s dismay. At Primal, we know that a pet’s bowl can be a truly transformative place to support their health. So, let’s take a look at what Bean is eating now and see how Primal whole foods can build a better, more purposeful bowl for cats just like him.

Who is Bean?

Bean is a 9-year-old Persian Longhair. Like many Persians, Bean has never been a particularly active cat. He does well living in an apartment and seems comfortable with the smaller living space. However, Bean does usually enjoy a couple periods of playtime during the day and can get pretty frisky at night. Recently, Bean had a dental cleaning to address some oral discomfort, and his owner is looking to take steps to keep his teeth healthy. Bean also has some history of food sensitivities and hairballs, and his vet has recommended moisture-rich foods to help keep his tummy happy.

What is Bean’s current diet?

Bean eats a canned food diet, typically fish or chicken flavors.

How could a change in diet help?

Bean’s highly processed diet isn’t necessarily targeted towards his individual health needs. Although rich in moisture, his canned food also contains thickeners and additives that can make digestion difficult. A biologically appropriate, complete and balanced raw food diet can provide the moisture that Bean needs without the thickeners or synthetic additives. Absent of carbohydrates and rich in moisture, this whole food focused diet can help maintain his dental health and his intestinal health while providing all of the nutrients he needs for a long and healthy life. 

What would Bean’s better bowl look like?

Bean’s base formula, a widely available canned food, is not ideal for his dental and intestinal health. That being said, big change can sometimes be problematic, so our first suggestions for Bean’s bowl would be adding Primal whole food toppers or Raw Meaty Bones, both of which can bring more nutrients to his meal and enhance his oral health without completely changing what he expects for breakfast and dinner.

Our Healthy Green Smoothie Edible Elixir is packed full of power greens, organic chia seeds, organic mushrooms, coconut oil, and sardine oil to help boost Bean’s immunity. It adds moisture to any dish, which can help with Bean’s teeth, in addition to the essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep Bean’s digestive system healthy. In addition, our Raw Meaty Bones have the oils, fats, and calcium that can effectively nourish Bean’s teeth and gums, while providing him with more of the macronutrients he needs to keep his body going!

For a more complete bowl makeover, Bean could switch to a Primal balanced formula that is rich in the oils and calcium needed for optimum dental health, such as our Frozen Nuggets, our Quick-Thaw Pronto, or our Freeze-Dried Nuggets. Each feeding format is easy to use and easily digested, while the Pronto and Freeze-Dried options offer shorter prep times and travel-friendly possibilities for feeding raw no matter where you are. With a wide variety of delicious protein options, Bean is sure to find something he likes!

Want to discover a better bowl for your pet? Get started with the Primal Bowl Builder.