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The new year is upon us, which is a great time to make a fresh start—for you and your pet’s mealtime. If you’re ready to dive right in, sign up for the Primal Fresh Start initiative to guide you toward stepping up your pet’s nutrition in 2022. 

For those looking for the basics on how to Build a Better Bowl for your pet, we’ve put together 6 simple steps to help you kick off 2022 by evaluating and improving your companion’s diet:


Incorporating fresh or raw foods into your pet’s diet doesn’t have to be complicated. At Primal Pet Foods, we firmly believe that some fresh or raw food is better than none at all! Whether you would like to try incorporating more fresh and raw foods or you want to fully replace your pet’s current kibble or canned food, Primal has the solution for your needs!

Primal’s Pronto Formulas come packaged in a quick-thaw, scoop-and-serve format that takes the stress and pre-planning out of feeding raw. In addition, Primal’s Freeze-Dried Formulas are completely shelf-stable and can be fully prepared in just a few minutes by adding water, goat milk, or bone broth.


Making a change to your pet’s diet is something that takes time! If you’re transitioning a dog or cat to a raw food diet, you’ll want to do so gradually over several days (check out our Transitioning page for more details). Primal’s Frozen Balanced Bases like Raw Frozen NuggetsRaw Frozen Patties, or Raw Frozen Pronto are a great way to gradually incorporate moisture-rich raw food into your pet’s diet. 

Primal’s Freeze-Dried Nuggets maintain the same great ingredients as our Raw Frozen and Pronto formulas but have had the moisture removed. We recommend rehydrating Freeze-Dried Formulas when possible. Whether it’s Raw Frozen, Freeze-Dried, or Pronto, our Balanced Bases are a fantastic starting point when adding quality nutrients to mealtime!


As carnivores, dogs and cats need ample moisture to stay hydrated. This should come from their food - not just their water bowl! Kibble diets are low in moisture and can lead to chronic dehydration in our furry friends if not supplemented with other moisture-rich foods. Fortunately, Primal offers some easy solutions to add more moisture to your pet’s bowl!

Try topping kibble with Primal Fresh Toppers or Primal Raw Toppers to easily boost your pet’s bowl with wholesome, fresh ingredients that contain between 70-89% moisture in a single serving. You can also try Primal Hydrators- Bone Broth or Raw Goat Milk. Serve either one as a healthy treat, or pour directly over your pet’s regular meal for a boost of hydration and nutrients! Both Primal Bone Broth and Primal Goat Milk can add nutrient-dense hydration to even the driest dinner dishes, promote your pet’s joint health, as well as help soothe and prevent any digestive discomfort during a food transition.


Ready to explore more ways to add fresh food to your dog or cat’s bowl? Give the Bowl Builder a try!  Simply input some basic information about your pet. From there, our Bowl Builder will guide you through the process of adding options like Balanced Bases, Hydrators, or Toppers to a bowl for your dog or cat. 

Whether you’re currently feeding raw, kibble, or canned food—or a mixture—the Bowl Builder can help you build a better bowl for your pet!


Whether your fresh start means making just a few small changes to your pet’s bowl, or completely reworking their feeding routine, Primal is here to help. 

Sign up for our 2022 Fresh Start initiative to gain access to more handy tips, important reminders, and exclusive coupons! Then, use our store locator to find a Primal retailer near you and connect with a pet food expert!