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New to Raw? Try Primal Pronto Formulas.

New to Raw? Try Primal Pronto Formulas.

With so many formulas and varieties available for cats and dogs, it’s never been easier to feed your pet raw. And because of our commitment to responsible sourcing, ingredient quality and food safety assurance, Primal Pet Foods continues to deliver a safe raw solution for your pets.

For those who are new to raw, Primal Pronto Formulas allow for a seamless transition from kibble to a familiar scoop-and-serve format with vastly superior nutritional benefits. Featuring the same formulations as our Raw Frozen varieties*, Primal Pronto Formulas provide complete and balanced nutrition and unparalleled convenience. When it’s meal time, simply portion out your pet’s serving from the freezer bag. The bite-sized pieces will thaw in just minutes without the need to add water. Your pet won’t have to wait, and neither will you!

By offering your pet our raw food formulas, you can rest assured you’re providing them with a diet that closely mimics their natural eating habits in the wild. Through the use of species appropriate ingredients, all Primal formulas — including Pronto —  offer a better way for dogs and cats to assimilate essential nutrients and live healthier, more vibrant lives. 

Ready to go raw? Find Pronto at a specialty pet retailer near you!

*We use only USDA edible-grade ingredients and unrefined, food-based vitamins and minerals. There are no pet-grade meats in any of our products. Primal Formulas contain steroid- and antibiotic-free meats, poultry and game sourced from 100% vegetarian-fed animals that are processed and inspected under strict USDA guidelines for safety and sanitation. All proteins in our products are procured from sustainable ranches in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.