Get to Know the Two Crazy Cat Ladies!

Get to Know the Two Crazy Cat Ladies! Get to Know the Two Crazy Cat Ladies!
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At Primal, we have a deep commitment to biologically appropriate diets and pet nutrition. Unfortunately, many pet owners are misinformed when it comes to deciding what should (and should not) go into their pets’ bowls. The issue of proper nutrition is even more apparent in domestic cats. Enter the Two Crazy Cat Ladies. The company’s founders and self proclaimed “proudest, most passionate crazy cat ladies you’ll ever meet,”Jae Kennedy and Adrienne Lefebvre have made it their mission to the safety, health and happiness of cats across the country. 

Our shared passion for feline friends has brought Primal and Two Crazy Cat Ladies together in an effort to spread the message of wellness (in giveaway form!). Want to learn more about the Two Crazy Cat Ladies and the importance of species appropriate nutrition? Read on!

PRIMAL: How did each of you get into helping improve the lives of cats?

2CCL: The idea to start a business that focused solely on improving the lives of cats started nearly 3 years ago — but our first introduction into the pet nutrition industry came from Jae’s grandfather back in 2005. One thing that really stuck out to us then was the revelation about the business of big brand pet foods. We immediately switched our cats to a better diet and started adding preventative supplements to their food. Within a few weeks we noticed a huge change in their health — their coats, energy and hairball frequency. A few months later we quit our jobs and joined Jae’s grandfather’s pet nutrition business.

PRIMAL: How did you become/start the 2CCL?

2CCL: We’ve always been cat parents and huge cat lovers. After spending 10 years in pet nutrition, we realized the serious lack of knowledge and focus on feline health within the industry. Mix our love for cats and nutrition with the need in the market for focus on feline health — and the Two Crazy Cat Ladies were born.

PRIMAL: How many cats do you have at home?

2CCL: Currently we have 4 cats but are hoping to grow our feline family soon. :)

PRIMAL: Describe your supplements for cats? What do they do and why might they be needed? 

2CCL: Our nutraceutical line is formulated specifically to help cats live longer, healthier lives using nature as the guide. Our supplements help treat and prevent everything from fleas and worms to arthritis and Feline Leukemia. We have 8 non-GMO, USA made products that address hundreds of feline ailments. The products are all in liquid form to make them easier to absorb as well as easy to administer to kitties (simple addition to moist food).

PRIMAL: What concerns were you trying to address with your cat customers?

2CCL: Cats have a much shorter lifespan these days and we truly believe that this is a direct result of poor quality diet and over medicating. We offer an alternative to most medications and advocate for high quality diets — in the hopes that cats will have the long lives they deserve.

PRIMAL: What makes your products different from other supplements on the market?

2CCL: There are no other supplements on the market like ours. Most pet supplements are formulated for dogs, with cats as a "side note" and only intended for use as a booster — not an answer to a problem. Our products provide solutions to common ailments without a risk of side effects.

PRIMAL: Why do your products pair well with species appropriate foods?

2CCL: Species appropriate raw food has all the nutrients that are missing in processed foods. A product like our CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula helps cats USE the nutrients in their food better. So adding a product like this to a wholesome food would basically supercharge the benefits of a species appropriate diet. When using as a treatment, our products are a simple addition to raw food because of the moisture count. (It's kinda hard to add liquid products to a kibble diet). In the event that a cat is dealing with a specific ailment, our products are void of chemicals and toxins found in many medications – so the healthy benefits of a species appropriate food are not compromised. 

PRIMAL: What led you down the path to feeding a biologically appropriate raw food diet?

2CCL: What’s funny is that we were not aware of raw food for cats for the 10 years that we worked for the family pet nutrition business. We had heard of raw food for dogs, but not cats. They instead recommended that we feed our cats a high quality kibble — so we did. Once we branched off and started studying feline nutrition, we realized that we had only taken a baby step toward a better diet. We found out that cats, even more so than dogs (because cats are obligate carnivores), require a moisture rich diet that's high in animal protein. We immediately began the transition to a species appropriate raw food for our cats and will never turn back.

PRIMAL: What is your favorite success story involving your supplement products?

2CCL: Every success story is our favorite. Hearing we've made a difference is what keeps us going as 2CCL. One that sticks out in my mind was a girl named Rachel who called us last year in tears. Her kitty, Arya, had just been diagnosed with FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and was only given a few days to live. Wanting to give her every chance at life, she called and ordered our FeLeuk Kit. After the first dosage she saw the light in her eyes. The next day Arya was eating on her own again. Over a year and a half later, Rachel still orders the kit for her kitty on a regular basis. Despite the diagnosis, Arya is still able to live a long healthy life. :)

PRIMAL: What is your favorite success story involving Primal Pet Foods raw foods?

2CCL: We love it when customers take our advice and switch their cats to Primal Pet Foods. One of the most common success stories we get involving Primal is when customers are amazed that their cats no longer cough up hairballs after switching foods. Hairballs have become commonplace to cat parents who feed non-biologically appropriate foods and they are AMAZED when they no longer have to clean them up on a regular basis! We also have a client whose cat had chronic UTIs. She was able to transition her cat to Primal and has not had a UTI issue since. She saves a ton of money on vet bills and her cat no longer suffers from that horribly painful condition. 

PRIMAL: If there’s one message you think every cat parent should know, what would that be?

2CCL: Always keep learning — do your best to treat your cats as nature intended and Nature will give your cats the life they deserve.


The Two Crazy Cat Ladies product line is available online at and can also be found in some independent pet specialty retailers around the country.