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Healthy Ways to Treat Your Pets

Healthy Ways to Treat Your Pets

Every pet owner loves to treat their pet. Whether it’s a moment of bonding, a training opportunity, or a special reward just for being adorable, our goal is to provide the highest quality species appropriate nutrition for every occasion — mealtime, snack time and everything in between.

So, what makes a pet treat a good source of high quality nutrition? According to Whole Dog Journal, the attributes of a wholesome pet treat are nearly identical to human standards. “Top-quality ingredients are as fresh, pure, and minimally processed as possible; whole food ingredients are better than by-products or food ‘fractions’…the more highly processed and reconstituted an ingredient is, the more opportunities it has for adulteration and contamination, and the more nutrients it loses,” says Nancy Kerns, Editor-in-Chief of Whole Dog Journal.

Further, if ingredients aren’t clearly labeled as recognizable whole foods, buyer beware! “For example, ‘meat meal’ or ‘animal fat’ could come from just about anywhere,” says Kerns, “In contrast, ‘chicken’ comes from chickens, and so does ‘chicken fat.’ If you can’t determine what species of animal a meat or fat came from, you should not feed it to your dog,” she adds.

All Primal Treats are made from single source proteins and many contain just one ingredient, offering a healthy snack choice for all pets — especially those with food allergies. We even made Whole Dog Journal’s list of top quality meaty dog treats! Our treats are available in a variety of different cooking styles, as well as protein sources including Beef, Buffalo, Chicken, Pork, Turkey and Venison.

Try some today, and feel confident that you’re treating your pet in the healthiest way possible.

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