Meet the Primal Pack:
The Furry Brand Ambassadors Who Love Primal

Meet the Primal Pack: The Furry Brand Ambassadors Who Love Primal Meet the Primal Pack: The Furry Brand Ambassadors Who Love Primal
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At Primal, our brand ambassadors are a select group of pet parents who believe in the importance of a biologically-appropriate diet. These pet moms and pet dads pay special attention to their pet’s mealtime, and they’re excited to share information and educate other pet parents on the benefits of feeding raw! Meet a few of our amazing ambassadors below.


 Louie is a French bulldog out of Orange County, California. Louie has a huge appetite for Primal products, despite the tiny nature of his cuteness.




Modibo, Rudy, Lincoln, and Luke are all hard-working shepherd dogs in rural Ohio. They have busy days and big appetites, and they recharge best with Primal goodness!

Kaden and Adalynn are two adorable Cavoodles from Maryland. Their always-dapper haircuts are evidence of a nutrient-dense diet.




Koda is an Australian Shepherd who makes her home in Brooklyn, but she spends most of her time exploring the outdoors. Koda starts and ends her days with biologically-appropriate feeding from Primal.





Ivy is a fluffy-coated girl from Nashville. Ivy has unmistakable eyes and a healthy appetite for raw protein and whole food supplements.




Robin is a small dog, but she’s definitely not a lap dog. This adventurous girl never stops pushing herself, and she trusts Primal to keep her happy, healthy, and energetic.




Leia and Levi are two adorable giants from San Francisco, California. These Great Danes spend equal time snuggling and adventuring, and they keep their big bodies going with help from Primal.


Do you think you and your furry friend would make amazing ambassadors for Primal? We would love to hear from you. You can check out all the awesome perks of our ambassador program, then submit your brief application, all through the Primal website.