Primal Raw Toppers!

Introducing: Primal Raw Toppers! Introducing: Primal Raw Toppers!
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We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to our Toppers & Hydrators lineup! Primal Raw Toppers, available in two different varieties and six different proteins to suit your pet’s individual needs, were formulated as an easier-to-use version of our previous Grinds and Mixes product line. These boosters are specifically designed to help you easily incorporate fresh meat protein and organic whole foods into your pet’s daily diet, whether it be kibble, canned, or a mix of both! 

Butcher’s Blend

Butcher’s Blend Raw Toppers, previously known as Grinds, are made from 100% animal protein, organ, and bone. The combination of high-quality meats, as well as poultry and seafood, provides moisture-rich proteins that are easy to digest and bursting with purposeful nutrition. On top of that, all ingredients are humanely and responsibly sourced from farms we have selected for quality and transparency.

Market Mix

Market Mix Raw Toppers, previously known as Mixes, are 85% animal protein, organ, and bone and 15% fresh organic produce. The added fruits and vegetables provide a boost of phytonutrients and antioxidants. To ensure quality, all produce is certified organic from farms with a focus on sustainable practices.

Quick-Thaw Preparation

Primal Raw Toppers are designed for convenience with even the busiest pet parents mind. To prepare, simply pour the recommended portion of the “topper” on top of your pet’s regular complete diet. Allow the topper to thaw for 7-10 minutes, then serve the meal as usual.

Want to Keep Adding to Your Pet’s Bowl?

We offer a wide range of options for adjusting and elevating your pet’s daily diet. Our easy-to-use Bowl Builder lets you mix and match all of our products to see all the ways Primal can be part of your regular feeding routine.