It’s Pet Dental Health Month!

It’s Pet Dental Health Month! It’s Pet Dental Health Month!
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You brush your own teeth twice a day, but what about your pet’s? According to the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine (VIIM), poor dental hygiene is usually a result of inadequate maintenance and diet. Proper dental hygiene is also essential in preventing more serious health problems — not to mention gingivitis, mouth sores and periodontal disease. Yuck!

But fear not, concerned pet parents. There are things you can do to keep your dog or cat’s pearly whites from eroding before their time. In the spirit of Pet Dental Health Month, here are a few tips from the VIIM to keep your animal’s mouth happy, healthy and smelling fresh (or at least fresher than normal).

Give ‘Em Something Healthy to Chew On:

A Duke University study even found that feeding raw meaty bones helps keeps pet teeth  healthy. Other research has proven that providing dogs raw meaty bones once a week prevented serious periodontal disease.

Our U.S. sourced, 100% edible-grade, antibiotic and steroid and hormone free Raw Meaty Bones are an excellent outlet for dogs and cats to exercise their jaws, massage their gums and clean their teeth while consuming amino and essential fatty acids that promote a superior quality of health.

Your pets will think its a treat, and you’ll get piece of mind. Plus, our Raw Meaty Bones are considered “soft bones" and do not splinter like other products on the market. When your pet has had his fill, sturdy, ridged rubber toys can also help to massage gums and promote dental health.

Feed Raw:

According to the VIIM, feeding domestic animals a raw diet has — among its many benefits — the ability to help improve dental health. Fibers in tough meat  “act much like dental floss in helping to clean between your dog’s teeth,” they explain. Who knew dogs needed to floss, too!

Brush at Home:

It may be difficult to get your pet to cooperate at first, but don’t give up. Brushing your cat or dog’s teeth on a daily basis will help promote overall health, reduce the number of dental health-related vet visits each year, and — best of all — prolong their life as your furry best friend.