The Top 5 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog!

The Top 5 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog! The Top 5 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog!
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Exercise and diet play a critical role in your pet’s overall health and happiness, so it is important that they get daily exercise and eat well. Join them in a daily exercise routine to keep you and your pup happy as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle!

Here are some great ways to stay active with your dog!

1. Running

Get that cardio in with your dog as a running partner. Running has been known to improve heart health and strengthen knees and joints in both humans and dogs. If your dog is new to running with you, be sure to keep them on a leash and let them run alongside. It is important to be mindful of your pet’s environment as most places require your pet to be on a leash. We recommend keeping your pet on a leash at all times for your dog’s safety and for the safety of other people around. Eventually, once you get your routine down, you will be able to enjoy longer distances with your pet.

2. Hiking

Hiking is the perfect exercise that will keep your pet interested and keep you in shape. Climb a mountain or take your dog on a nice nature walk on a footpath. Allowing your dog to explore wide open spaces gives them new smells to investigate and rolling hills to race up. Hiking provides mental and physical stimulation to help keep your dog happy and healthy!

3. Swimming

Soak up the warmer weather with a refreshing swim with your pup! Swimming is a great activity for both you and your pet because it is easy on your joints and helps tone your muscles. Take a ball and play fetch with your pet until the sun sets. This is a fantastic activity for hunting breeds to keep their natural water instincts sharp. If you live by the coast, there are often beaches that permit dogs to run freely and swim in the ocean. If you’re more inland, check out your nearest dog-friendly lake for a cool and exhilarating dip!

4. Cycling

Another fantastic activity is to go for a nice bike ride with your furry friend following alongside. This exercise is great cardio for you and your pup, but it is important to use caution when first introducing this activity to your dog. Keep them on a leash to prevent any tangle-ups. You’ll want to teach them to only run along one side and never cross in front of your bike while moving. Be sure to ride at a fair pace so your dog can jog or trot alongside.

5. Soccer

A new take on fetch and frisbee, play some soccer with your dog! They’ll have a great time chasing the ball in your yard or the park. We recommend some dog-proof soccer balls to ensure the ball doesn’t pop before the game starts. This activity will help you and your pet build strength and coordination. Get those sprints in!

All of these outdoor activities are a great way to exercise and build a deeper bond with your pet. The more active you are with your dog, the happier and healthier both of you will be. When going on any outdoor recreational activity always remember to bring enough water for you and your pup. Also, always make sure dogs are welcome when exploring new trails or areas. We recommend keeping your dog on a leash when they are in new or unfamiliar places.

In addition to keeping up with your pet’s active lifestyle, it is important to ensure they are getting the proper well-balanced nutrition. We’ve got you covered with great meals for your active pup. Learn more about Primal Pet Foods formulas here!