Top 7 Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Top 7 Pet-Friendly Houseplants Top 7 Pet-Friendly Houseplants
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Plant and pet lovers, rejoice. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite non-toxic, pet-friendly plants so you and your furry friends can enjoy the many benefits of green decor worry-free!

African Violet

Colorful year-round, the African Violet is an ideal non-toxic plant for the more sun-drenched areas of your home. Your pet will love basking in the warmth with a new, very compelling companion. Even if the African Violet’s buds are nipped by a curious feline or rooting snout, the flowers will grow back just as beautiful as ever and live to provide interest another day.

Air Plants

This plant is every non-green thumb’s dream. Hardy, beautiful and easy to care for, air plants (also known as Tillandsias) don’t need to live in moist soil. Pop them on a well-lit shelf, mist them occasionally and enjoy the ambiance. But don’t be surprised when kitty uses it for batting practice; air plants are very tempting to be used as toys! If you want your pet to look and not touch, place a glass globe over the top once it's completely dry.


If you catch your cat or dog chewing on your new bamboo plant, fear not. Bamboo is not harmful to pets and can be mighty appealing as a snack! While we don’t advise feeding your pets bamboo, a little nip on a shoot here and there won’t hurt them. Plus, bamboo is sturdy, easy to grow and will stand up well to the occasion chew.


Want to give your pet a taste of the tropics? Bromeliads will do just that. They don’t need much light to thrive, have a strong waxy exterior, and come in a wide range of colors. Nosey pets will love exploring the leafy texture and sniff the flowers!


With so many different varieties, you can deck out your house or apartment with palms and never get bored — and neither will your pets. They don’t require much light, so palms are wonderful plants to place all around your home, especially in areas your pets frequent. Their long, jungle-like leaves create terrific hiding spots for cats and small dogs! (Note: the misnomered Sago Palm, or Cycas Revoluta, is not related to the palm species of plants, but is toxic to pets and should be avoided). 

Prayer Plant

Your pet-friendly plant prayers have been answered! While it's beautiful to look at, the prayer plant also offers an ever-changing source of entertainment for your pets. Just like praying hands, it closes its leaves at night and opens back up when the sun starts to shine. Your pet will love inspecting the curious leaves and will come out unscathed if it decides to take a bite.

Spider Plant

They’re good for people and pets, too! Easy to maintain, this natural air purifier will freshen up your home and thrives in low light conditions. The best part? It's sturdy, waxy leaves can stand up to a fair amount of paw swatting and inquisitive chewing while giving your pets plenty of safe entertainment during the day.