Top Reasons Primal Employees Love Their Dogs!

Top Reasons Primal Employees Love Their Dogs! Top Reasons Primal Employees Love Their Dogs!
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At Primal, we believe every day is a new opportunity to celebrate man’s best friend. And because it’s National Dog Week, we’ve decided to ask our team members to share a few of the reasons their pups are such a special part of their lives. Here’s what they had to say:


"There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors with my family and my Primal-fed dog, Shiba."— Matt K., President & Founder


“Benny and Gracie are always happy to see us. Gracie requires little attention while Benny needs a lot! Both love mealtimes since Primal came into our lives. They “hound” us for Primal treats!” — Zachary P., Operations Manager


“Our dogs enjoy what we enjoy in our spare time. Being outdoors, hiking, photography and travel. This pack is always up for a hike and they are great in a hotel room when traveling. They are the most willing photography models, and we are always being asked when out if someone can take their picture, which we are sure to oblige. They make others smile as they walk by and are great ambassadors for Poodles which people sometimes think are just "foofy" dogs. They are athletic, super smart and fun loving. We can't wait for our soon-to-be new addition, Owen, to join the SpooCrew at the end of the month!” — Stephanie R., Sales Rep


“Penny – she’s a gift to our family, she helps keep us all outdoors and active more often and helps keep the house and family safe while I’m out on the road selling more Primal.” — Matt P., Vice President


“Larry & Mo are the lights of my life. Funny, mischievous, and loyal to a fault. I rescued both from the shelter several years apart. Everyone asks if they're brothers. I can't imagine one without the other and I can't imagine my life without them in it.” — Lindsay M., Sales Rep 


“This is "Colonel Beefcake", aka Gus. He is a big ol mama's boy. He can be quite naughty but that face makes it very difficult to stay mad for long. How could you not love that face?” — Kathleen K., Sales Rep


“Kiku a.k.a. The Amazing Klee Kai — This 15lb 'mini husky' is the love of my life for more reasons than can fit on one page. But the high-pitched scream, running in circles, (while holding his beloved green stuffed bird) every time I walk through the door, is a noise and site that brings an unreal amount of joy to my life. I love that this anxious 9-year old dog who was so sick the first year of life is the reason I get to help other pets. It was the journey of saving him (by discovering Primal 8 years ago) that led me to this amazing company and my (now job) of helping others discover how Primal can change their pet’s life!” — Jessica A., Consumer Acquisition Team Manager


“I love my dog, Buddy, because he is the cutest pup ever, of course! He has brought tremendous happiness and joy back into my life and not only that, Buddy’s high energy and rambunctiousness keeps me on my feet and out of the house. The responsibility, patience, selflessness, and commitment that has come with having him has helped me to be a healthier, stronger and all-around better person. I spent a year searching for him and it was worth the wait… he’s amazing and I am so glad I get to be his Mom.” — Sarah Q., Accounting Manager


“This handsome fellow is called Bodhi — he’s like a furry brother to my 3-year-old daughter and a best bud to me! He’s always up for anything: playing in the yard, cuddling, hiking in the mountains and everything in between. At 9 months old, he’s smart, silly and a whole lot of fun to be around! He’s such a sweet boy, and has brought so much love and joy into our home.” — Erin C. Social Media


"I love my dog Spike because he is very patient and protective of not only me but my entire family." — Adon C., Director of Operations


"Bree and I love Primal because she has finally lost three pounds! Eat Well! Live Well!" — Diane H., Sales Rep


"I love my Primal-fed dog Gryffin because he is always keeping me on my toes!" — Kaitlyn C., E-Commerce Sales & Direct Marketing Manager


"Demi Moore is my super senior Primal miracle girl. Her favorite thing to do is clean her face on your legs after enjoying her morning Primal Pronto & Goat Milk 'cereal & milk' breakfast! Scout Willis is a total terrier rough and tumble boy, he hates wearing clothes but is a great sport about letting me dress him!" — Amber B., Sales Rep