Why Cats Need High Protein Diets

Why Cats Need High Protein Diets Why Cats Need High Protein Diets
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From the outside, it’s easy to see how dogs and cats are different. However, the major difference between our furry friends is invisible to the human eye. While both dogs and cats require an abundance of amino acids from protein, your cat is an obligate carnivore, which means they must consume meat to survive and thrive! Follow these guidelines to offer your cat a biologically-appropriate diet that will transform their health from the inside out.

Cats have a unique digestive system

Because they lack the enzymes needed to break down foods other than animal tissue, cats can only get the vitamins they need by eating meat. Kibble contains indigestible carbohydrates, which ferment in your feline’s digestive tract and smell up the litter box. Because raw foods are biologically correct for cats, they’re digested almost completely. This helps maintain a healthy gut and promotes better digestion, which leads to less gas and smaller, more compact stools.

Cats need more protein to create energy

Since cats need more animal protein for growth metabolism than dogs, our feline formulas contain at least 90% highly digestible meat, organs and bones. We also use organic produce and whole food supplements that provide essential fiber and nutrients, without the use of synthetics because we believe in using real food to balance your little carnivore’s diet.

A cat’s essential nutrients must be absorbed through animal tissue

Cats have to absorb certain vitamins and amino acids from animal proteins, while dogs have the enzymes to create them on their own. Vitamin A, niacin, arginine, and arachidonic acid are all essential vitamins and amino acids that cats must absorb from animal tissue. Primal cat formulas provide all of the necessary nutrients that your pet needs, and come in an array of protein options so you can choose the best one for your feline. Try our Pronto 1lb bag to see which one your pet likes best!

Low-protein cat food can cause weight gain and health issues

If your cat is struggling with a weight problem, never force them to fast or starve. Unlike dogs, cats do not use fat reserves for energy and instead break down non-fatty body tissues, which can be extremely dangerous. Contact your vet if you are concerned about how to help your pet lose weight safely.

Your feline needs a diet with the proper amount of protein and nutrients for their unique digestive system. If you’re interested in switching to raw, follow our transitioning guidelines and be mindful that this process takes time, persistence, and patience. If you are dealing with a picky eater, try rotating proteins or adding our goat’s milk and bone broth for nutrient-dense hydration they will love. Stay true to your cat’s high protein requirements and watch your cat blossom into the best feline they can be!


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