Boost Your Pet's Bowl!

Boost Your Pet's Bowl! Boost Your Pet's Bowl!
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It’s no secret that adding fresh food to your pet’s diet can make them happier and healthier. But do pets need to convert to a fully raw diet to reap the benefits of raw food? Here at Primal, we say no! Whether your pet eats canned, kibble, raw, or a mix of all, a small change in their diet can have a big impact. Try our Toppers and Hydrators to easily boost your pet’s bowl and increase their fresh food intake.

Raw Goat Milk

Keeping your pets hydrated throughout the day is a key part of their overall health. Just like humans, water forms the basis for many functions in your pet’s body. Hydration doesn’t have to come from just your pet’s water dish, it can (and should!) come from their diet. One simple solution to add more moisture to your pet’s bowl is Raw Goat Milk. This nutrient-rich hydration option often called the “universal milk”, is packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes! In addition to Primal’s Original Raw Goat Milk, there are four varieties of Raw Goat Milk+ with functional ingredients that pack an additional punch when it comes to your pet’s specific needs. 

Bone Broth

While nearly all diets can benefit from a boost of fresh food, kibble diets in particular are low in moisture and can benefit from a dose of hydration. Primal Bone Broth (like Raw Goat Milk) can be served as a healthy treat or poured directly over your pet’s regular meal! Bone Broth helps promote your pet’s joint health, digestion, and liver health.

Fresh Toppers

Primal’s Fresh Toppers can easily boost your pet’s bowl with wholesome, fresh ingredients that contain between 70-89% moisture in a single serving. Fresh Toppers are aromatic and made of whole food functional ingredients crafted to target improvement in digestion, immunity, and joint health!

Raw Toppers

Raw Toppers are specifically designed to help you easily incorporate fresh meat protein and organic whole foods into your pet’s daily diet. Butcher’s Blend Raw Toppers are made from 100% animal protein, organ, and bone. Market Mix Raw Toppers are 85% animal protein, organ, and bone and 15% fresh organic produce. High-quality meats, and organic produce, provides moisture-rich proteins that are easy to digest and bursting with purposeful nutrition. All this in one of the most convenient ways to incorporate raw food, just pour, thaw and serve!

To find the best ways to boost your pet’s bowl, based specifically on your pet’s breed, size, current diet, and goals, check out our Build a Better Bowl® tool.