Build a Thanksgiving Bowl for Your Pet!

Build a Thanksgiving Bowl for Your Pet! Build a Thanksgiving Bowl for Your Pet!
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Happy Thanksgiving from Primal Pet Foods! Celebrate and give thanks to the ones you love over a delicious meal, and don't forget to include your pets. Discover how to create the perfect Thanksgiving-inspired meals made just for your dog or cat. We've got all the fixings, from the turkey entree to dessert, to ensure your pet eats as well as you do on this special holiday - with the added bonus that these meals provide real, whole-food nutrition to help your pet thrive. Remember, you can always make a unique bowl for your pet with our Bowl Builder!

bowl for dogs

Thanksgiving Bowl for Dogs

Balanced Base

Raw Frozen Pronto: Canine Turkey & Sardine

What’s Thanksgiving without turkey? Raw Frozen Pronto thaws in minutes and comes in a convenient, bite-sized, easy-to-portion format that’s perfect for helping to avoid throwing off your timing for Thanksgiving dinner. We also offer Freeze-Dried Nuggets for pet parents who want the convenience of a shelf-stable offering with the benefits of raw feeding.


Cranberry Blast Goat Milk+ & Turkey Bone Broth

No need to debate canned or homemade here—Cranberry Blast Goat Milk+ is a nutrient-rich hydration option. Paired with our Turkey Bone Broth for extra flavor, your pup is on their way to a food coma that will have them smiling in their sleep.

Fresh Topper

Awesome Squash

A fall favorite, our Awesome Squash Fresh Topper is an aromatic whole-food topper with specialized, functional ingredients that support healthy digestion. How could your pup resist this topper for their Thanksgiving Bowl?

Freeze-Dried Raw Topper


For the finishing touch, try our Turkey Freeze-Dried Raw Topper to make the meal extra delicious.


Pumpkin for My Pumpkin

Finish the perfect meal with a bit of dessert! Our Pumpkin for My Pumpkin treats gives your pup-kin something to be thankful for.

bowl for cats

Thanksgiving Bowl for Cats

Balanced Base

Freeze-Dried Nuggets: Feline Turkey Formula

Let your cat in on the Thanksgiving meal, too! Our Feline Freeze-Dried Turkey Nuggets are the perfect Balanced Base to give your cat that taste of turkey for the holiday.


Turkey Bone Broth & Cranberry Blast Goat Milk+

Hydrate your cat’s Freeze-Dried Nuggets with Turkey Bone Broth or Cranberry Blast Goat Milk+ for extra flavor. They’re a hydrating, wholesome addition to any diet, and can be paired with any food or even enjoyed on their own!

Fresh Topper

Awesome Squash

Our Awesome Squash Fresh Topper is for dogs AND cats! Made with specialized, functional ingredients that are targeted to support digestion, immunity, and joint health, it’s not a Thanksgiving-inspired bowl without Awesome Squash.

Raw Topper

Market Mix Turkey

Also, try topping your cat’s Thanksgiving bowl with our Market Mix Raw Topper. This quick-thaw, meat-first meal topper is made from high-quality animal protein and organic produce for a boost of fresh food nutrition.

Include Your Pets in the Fun This Thanksgiving!

If there’s anything to be thankful for, it’s your pets! Our Thanksgiving Bowls for cats and dogs are easy to prepare and a great way to include your pets in the Thanksgiving celebration. Want to substitute one of our options or build a bowl unique to your pet? Our Bowl Builder is always available to create a customized option for you, year-round.

Want Unique Recipes?

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