Raw Food Myth-busting:
The 4 Most Common Misconceptions about Raw Feeding

Raw Food Myth-busting: The 4 Most Common Misconceptions about Raw Feeding Raw Food Myth-busting: The 4 Most Common Misconceptions about Raw Feeding
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It’s no secret that biologically-appropriate foods can elevate your pet’s health and energize their daily routine. Unfortunately, many pet owners who might be interested in adding more fresh foods to their dog or cat’s diet are forced to battle against some of the misinformation floating around about raw feeding.

Don’t fret—Primal is here to help! We’ve gathered together 4 common myths about raw feeding to uncover the truth and arm you with the facts!

Myth #1: You have to feed 100% raw or none at all.

Whether your pet is eating traditional kibble, canned food, or a complete raw formula, any addition of high-quality animal protein or organic whole foods is going to add benefit. Some fresh food is certainly better than none!

In some cases, this may mean completely replacing your pet’s current diet with a balanced raw formula, such as our Freeze-Dried Nuggets, Frozen Nuggets, and Quick-Thaw Pronto. In other cases, this may mean simply adding an Edible Elixir, Primal Goat Milk, or Primal Bone Broth to your pet’s current kibble or canned diet. In both cases, fresh food helps to seriously elevate your pet’s daily feeding routine. Any addition of biologically-appropriate foods, whether through small changes or big changes, is a step towards a better bowl for your pet!

Myth #2: Raw diets are difficult to manage and require a lot of prep work.

When pet owners imagine feeding their pets a biologically appropriate diet, many assume that a raw diet requires a lot of prep and expertise.

Fortunately, modern commercial raw diets have become much more user-friendly. All Primal frozen formulas are ready to eat as soon as they are thawed. What’s more, Primal Pronto formulas come in quick-thaw, scoop-and-serve formats that drastically cut down on that thaw time. Our Freeze-Dried nuggets are ready to serve right from the bag—just crumble and add moisture!

Even all of our whole food supplements are straightforward and easy to use. Primal Edible Elixirs, Goat Milk, and Bone Broth all add moisture and can be used as simple toppers for dinner or as standalone snacks.

Myth #3: “Real” raw diets include only animal protein.

Actually, both dogs and cats can greatly benefit from the addition of quality whole foods.

Primal complete and balanced formulas start with raw meat, organ & bones to provide the macro and micro nutrients your dog needs. From there, we incorporate a thoughtful blend of certified organic fruits, veggies, seeds, and oils to fill in the gaps and make every meal balanced and healthful—without the addition of anything synthetic!

Myth #4: A raw diet needs synthetic supplements to be balanced.

It is absolutely possible to make a balanced diet for dogs and cats using only whole foods. However, it requires a very precise blend of animal protein ingredients, followed by a wide variety of whole food supplements to round out any missing nutrients. 

Raw vegetables, fruits, and seeds contain powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients not found in meat, as well as much-needed plant fiber to aid in digestion and the formation of stool. 

In addition to Primal’s complete formulas, which include a thoughtfully-crafted base of animal protein and supplemental whole foods, we also offer many easy ways to get more nutrients into your pet’s bowl. Our Edible Elixirs, Goat Milk, and Bone Broth serve as both straightforward toppers and in-between snacks for balancing out your dog or cat’s diet.

Curious about more raw feeding myths? Head over to our Instagram story each week for some biologically-appropriate myth-busting! Looking for hands-on guidance in building your pet the best bowl possible? Check out the Primal Bowl Builder for a visual walkthrough!