Let’s Squash Any Doubt: The Benefits of Winter Squash

Let’s Squash Any Doubt: The Benefits of Winter Squash Let’s Squash Any Doubt: The Benefits of Winter Squash
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When it comes to our pet’s food, it’s important to remember that the nutrients in fruits & vegetables are a vital component to produce a complete & balanced meal for dogs and cats without the use of synthetic vitamins! One powerful ingredient that we add to our products is winter squash. Let’s dive into the benefits that this oddly-shaped food brings to your four-legged friends.

Natural Vitamins

Vitamins A and C are naturally present in winter squash. Vitamin A is key when it comes to our vision—and it has the same function for our fur babies! Not only does it help with the eyes, but it’s been known to support growth, cell function, and boost immunity in our pets as well. 

Vitamin C found in winter squash also gives our pets a boost of immunity-supporting nutrients! Since Vitamin C is an antioxidant, it can help rid our pet’s bodies of free radicals and can act as an anti-inflammatory for our dogs and cats.

Rich in Potassium

By incorporating winter squash into our complete formulas, we can provide your pet with potassium, which can aid in muscle growth, promote bone and organ health, support cognitive function, and boost metabolism—without the use of synthetic supplements.

High In Fiber

Winter squash is an excellent source of fiber for our four-legged friends. Making sure our pets have the right fiber intake can support digestion and nutrient absorption. It’s also a great way to help our pups and kittens feel full, and prevent them from packing on unnecessary extra pounds! 

Now that we’ve squashed any doubts you had left about winter squash it’s time to incorporate this odd-looking, nutrient-rich ingredient into your pet’s diet!  Try an easy-to-use topper, or one of our Balanced Bases that incorporate Certified Organic squash into their formulas to provide your pets with a complete & balanced meal!