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National Pet Wellness Month: 5 Benefits of Raw Feeding

National Pet Wellness Month: 5 Benefits of Raw Feeding

October is National Pet Wellness Month! It’s a time to bring awareness to what’s going on with your pet, both inside and out. If you’ve already made the transition to raw — congratulations! Your pet is on the path to a healthy, happy, thriving lifestyle. If you’re still on the fence about making the switch from typical commercial pet food to high quality, species appropriate nutrition, here are a few facts about raw diets you need to know:

1. It’s only natural. 

A diet based on biologically appropriate raw foods closely mimics the natural eating habits of animals in the wild. By providing your pet with species appropriate, highly-digestible food, they will be better able to assimilate the nutrients that come from a complete, balanced diet. 

2. Cleaner — and healthier — teeth. 

If you’ve ever had a puppy, you know they like to chew — on everything. Puppies have a physical and physiological need to chew, so It’s important to provide appropriate outlets for this behavior (other than your shoes!). Adult dogs enjoy and benefit from the recreation activity, too. The simple act of chewing, as well as the enzymes from raw foods, both help break down and remove plaque on your pet’s teeth.

3. Made with ingredients you can pronounce. 

By feeding your pet any Primal Pet Foods products, you can rest assured there will be no trace of synthetic supplements, additives, or mystery ingredients. Our formulas are made with only wholesome, food-based nutrients to support immune, circulatory and digestive health.

4. Quality fuel = more energy.

Although many dog owners don’t have issues with their pet’s energy levels, some beloved companions get tuckered out quite easily as they age or as other health concerns encroach. Switching to a raw diet may help increase and stabilize your pet’s energy level through superior assimilation of high quality nutrients. Primal Pet Foods makes it possible to fuel a happy, healthy, vibrant lifestyle for pets for years to come.

5. Beautiful skin and coat — from the inside, out.

Many dogs and cats fed on commercial diets see problems with their coat appearance — some notice dull or lackluster coats, while others may be overly oily. Sub-par commercial diets can also lead to dry, itchy, and flaky skin. With a transition to a raw diet, you can begin restoring your pet’s skin to a proper balance, which can result in a smooth and shiny coat.