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You’ve learned the benefits of a biologically appropriate raw food diet for dogs: cleaner teeth, soft fur with reduced shedding, less poop, appropriate energy level. It’s time to transition your pup to their new Primal diet. So how does it work? Follow our guide to help you navigate the transition with your best furry friend.

Choose Your Format 

Primal Complete Formulas come in four different formats for your convenience: Frozen Nuggets, Pronto, or Patties, as well as Freeze-Dried Nuggets. Frozen Nuggets and Patties take some time to defrost and a small portion can be kept in your refrigerator for 3-5 days. Pronto is designed to thaw in minutes, simply scoop and serve, and keep the bag in the freezer. Freeze-Dried Nuggets are shelf-stable and are intended to be crumbled and hydrated with warm water, bone broth, or goat milk. Once you have determined which Balanced Base will work best for you and your dog, you can begin the transition! If you’re not sure which option to choose, take a look at our blog on Swapping Formats to learn more about the differences between formats and how to use them.

Determine Your Dog’s Needs

Every pet is different and the transition technique for one dog may not work for another. We’ve got you covered for a smooth transition with any pup.

Basic Transition

A basic transition is an appropriate path for most dogs. All you need to do is mix your new Primal Complete Formula with your pet’s old food for about 10 days. 

If at any point during the transition you feel your pet needs more time, take it. If the transition takes more than ten days, that’s fine! What’s important is that both you and your pet are comfortable. 

Sensitive Stomach

If your dog has an easily upset stomach or struggles with additions to their daily food routine, we suggest starting the transition with the addition of Goat Milk or Winter Squash Puree. Goat Milk contains organic ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric, which help reduce nausea and inflammation. Winter Squash Puree contains organic butternut squash, an excellent source of soluble fiber, as well as Bone Broth which helps heal and seal the gut. Both options contain probiotics, which aid in the absorption of nutrients and help maintain a healthy, functional gut. 

Begin by adding a small portion of either one to your pet’s meals for several days. When you feel comfortable, beginning mixing in a small portion of the Primal Balanced Base you have chosen. Continue to use the Topper or Hydrator while you slowly increase Primal and decrease your pet’s old food. Take your time and move slowly. A transition for a dog with a sensitive stomach can take three weeks or sometimes a bit longer. 

Pro Tip: Mix Winter Squash Puree with Goat Milk to create Gut Goop, a pre and probiotic powerhouse for gut support.

Picky Eater 

Transitioning a picky eater may be easier than you think. If your picky pet is not warming up to their new raw diet, there are a couple of Toppers & Hydrators that are great for helping entice even the most finicky pet. Bone Broth is a yummy appetite stimulant, especially when warming on the stovetop prior to serving. The Edible Elixir Omega Mussel Mélange is packed with flavor from steamed mussels and Bone Broth. Follow the basic transition guide and add a small portion of either of these options to each meal. Do not worry if it takes more time for your choosy pet to settle into their new routine.

Sometimes dogs transitioning to a frozen raw diet are unsure of the texture. If this is the case, try crumbling one or two Freeze Dried Nuggets over the meal to add some crunch. Slowly decrease this topper over time as your dog becomes accustomed to the new texture. 

New Puppy or Rescue

When bringing home a new pet, transition can be tricky. Often new pets are stressed from all the changes, especially rescues. Additionally, pet parents may not know what their new furry friend was eating before their arrival. No matter what the circumstances are, a transition to Primal can still be done with confidence.

Once you have chosen your Balanced Base, consider adding one or both of the following during the transition. The Edible Elixir Healthy Green Smoothie contains antioxidant-rich greens, Pork Bone Broth, an organic mushroom blend, and probiotics. These ingredients work together in the body to provide unmatched support to the immune system. Goat Milk is another good option for puppies or rescues who can benefit greatly from the probiotics, electrolytes, minerals, and extra moisture. Simply add a small amount of your choice to meals during transition while following the basic transition guide.

Pro Tip: Mix Healthy Green Smoothie, Goat Milk, and Bone Broth to create the Immune Support Smoothie for a boost to your pet’s immune system.

You’ve Got This!

Transitioning your pup to Primal can be done. Stick with it, remain consistent, and enjoy the adventure. Your dog will love their new food and you’re sure to love the benefits!

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