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Transitioning Tips for Cats

Transitioning Tips for Cats

Let’s face it: cats can often be finicky eaters, especially when it comes to trying a new food. One day, they will eat all the food in the bowl...and the next day, they won’t touch it. When you begin your cat’s transition to raw feeding, you should expect some obstacles. The key is persistence and patience! Because cats are imprint eaters, you’ll have the best results by introducing raw food diet from the time they are a kitten.

Cats are often sensitive to new things. As you start to introduce raw feeding, it is important to make a gradual transition. It can take about three times as long to transition your feline to a raw diet when compared to a canine’s transition. Here are our top tips to help introduce your cat of any age to a raw feeding diet:

Start Small

Your cat’s journey to a raw diet should be a slow progression. To help them adjust to the new texture and flavor, we recommend that you combine 25% Primal with 75% of their current pet food for the first three days. After that, increase the percentage of Primal Pet Food by 25% every two to three days. Once your cat is familiar with raw food, you will be able to fully transition to 100% raw. A helpful trick is to match proteins when you are combining Primal and their current food. For example, if your cat’s existing food protein is turkey, pair with Primal’s Raw Frozen Feline Turkey Formula.


Another effective technique during the transitioning weeks is the sneak attack! Begin by placing a small bowl of raw food next to your cat’s current bowl of food. This allows the cat to smell the raw pet food while they eat their regular meal. Maintain this routine for two to three days, and then make your move: layer the raw pet food under their current pet food. Your cat will begin to ingest the raw pet food in their own time.

Freeze-Dried Crunchies

Often, cats are hesitant about new food because of the unfamiliar texture. To combat this, we recommend placing our Freeze-Dried Formulas over your cat's current food when transitioning. This change will add an appetizing crunch that more closely resembles your cat's dry kibble!

As you begin to transition your cat to a raw food diet, perseverance is crucial! Keep in mind that your cat will have some sensitivity to the new raw food texture, taste, and temperature. For your cat’s safety, be sure your cat never goes more than 24 hours without eating.

Use Primal’s great resources as a guide to help introduce your cat to a raw diet, such as our Feeding Calculator and Transition Portioning Guide. Your cat is one step closer to a wholesome, species-appropriate diet!