Transitioning to Raw?
Here’s What to Expect.

Transitioning to Raw? Here’s What to Expect. Transitioning to Raw? Here’s What to Expect.
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“Is this normal?”

It’s a question we occasionally hear from customers who’ve recently started transitioning their pets to a complete and balanced raw food diet.

As you begin to introduce your pet to a raw diet for the first time, you may notice changes in physical appearance. While most pets will transition to a raw food diet without issue, some pets may exhibit some transition symptoms. Either way, it’s best to know what to expect, and to not be alarmed. This is simply the natural process by which pets heal themselves through elimination of toxins from the body.

“Processed food leaves ‘residue’ in the system … material that is neither absorbed nor passed due to inefficient digestion,” notes Chelsea Clark, nutritional contributor for Dogs Naturally Magazine. “Dehydrated or raw food is optimally absorbed and what minor material that is not utilized by the body passes through, eliminating a major burden on the digestive system and consequently the immune systems. This in turn creates a healthy environment in the gut and makes it less susceptible to parasites and bacteria, which live in the mucus sludge of the colon.”

Here are a few temporary symptoms some pet owners may see during the transition to raw.

  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Excess wax in the ears
  • Excess shedding
  • Minor skin rashes
  • Soft, loose stool

By starting a transition gradually, you will allow your pet's body to adjust properly. Transition times can vary from a few days to a few weeks.

We suggest consulting a holistic veterinarian during the transition process to ensure you and your pet have an optimal experience. It’s important to know that when making a switch to a raw pet food, your pet may exhibit some temporary transition symptoms — and with Primal, you can rest assured knowing your pet is on the path to a nutritionally superior, biologically appropriate raw food diet!