5 Tips For Preparing and Serving Raw Foods

5 Tips For Preparing and Serving Raw Foods 5 Tips For Preparing and Serving Raw Foods
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So, you’ve decided to add more raw to your pet’s diet. You’ve picked up a Primal Pet Foods raw frozen base like nuggets or patties, but you aren’t sure what to do next. All pet food requires safe handling and preparation, so we’ve put together some easy tips to help you safely handle Primal’s products in your home. 


When you cook yourself a delicious meal, you usually make sure all of your food preparation surfaces and utensils are sanitized—the same applies to your pet! Clean their food bowls and surfaces with hot soapy water, after every meal. 


You probably keep your fancy steaks or gourmet chicken breasts in the freezer until you’re ready to cook them, and you should do the same for your pet food! Keep Raw Frozen foods frozen until you’re ready to feed them to your pet, but always serve them fully thawed. When dinner time rolls around, make sure you have ample time for your Primal Frozen Nuggets and Patties to defrost according to package directions. 

Need to speed up the thawing process? Put the desired amount of Primal Nuggets or Patties into a water-tight zip-seal bag, then place the bag into a sink full of cold water for 30 minutes. Never microwave pet food—it can destroy valuable nutrients and enzymes that your pet needs! If a thawed portion goes uneaten, place it in a sealed storage container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. 


Feeding Calculator to help you determine how much to feed your pet at home. 

Cut down on prep time by planning your pet’s meals for the week. Our Raw Frozen Foods can be divided into freezer-safe containers that can be easily transferred to the refrigerator to thaw  before the next meal time.


Even our pets deserve a tasty treat! With Primal Recreational Bones for dogs or cats, you provide mental stimulation for your pet or a delicious reward after a training session. They can be fed right from the freezer, or our individually wrapped Recreational Bones can be thawed in the fridge before training. Raw bones should be served on a surface that can be easily cleaned or sanitized afterwards. Make sure to always monitor your pet when feeding any bone product.

Curious which type of bone is best for your dog? We created a Dog Bone Cheatsheet just for you!


How often do you clean your pet’s bowls - once a week, one a month, never? It’s important to remember that our pet’s food and water bowls can collect bacteria if not properly sanitized.  After any feeding, we recommend washing bowls by hand with warm soapy water. Stainless steel or glass bowls are easier to clean and don’t hold germs like plastic or porcelain. Use a disinfectant wipe for quick cleaning after food preparation is complete.

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